TIVC Policies


                                                                                                            Our COVID-19 Policies

First and foremost, we at TIVC are thankful to all of our wonderful dedicated clients and veterinary community for your patience and continued support during the challenges of the last two years. We continue to operate at a modified level of service within Tahoe Integrative to ensure the safety of our clients and our team members. Our team is small and even though many of our clients are vaccinated adults, we'll continue to exercise the utmost caution.  


Here is some information about what is happening at the clinic these days: 


1. We are continuing to ask all of our clients to respond to our reminder email to confirm your appointment and fill in the questions in the body of the email before your upcoming appointment even if it's a quick "no changes" response. This helps our Doctors and staff to prepare for your visit and allows ample time to refill any requested medications and set the day's scheduled flow. Please keep in mind that any additional requests and medication refills are subject to our schedule, and may require advanced notice, but lets us know what needs to be discussed when you arrive.

2. Please continue to call our office to check in and wait in your vehicle until a staff member is available to wave you in for your appointment as we are continuing to limit the amount of foot traffic we have in the office. Our lobby space is being utilized for Physical Rehabilitation and can no longer accommodate a seated waiting area. 


3. Masks will still be required even if you are fully vaccinated. Our staff is very small and not all of us (or our family members) can receive a vaccine. Please respect our health as we respect yours. If one of us becomes ill, we may not have a choice, but to close our office until all staff are healthy. We will be allowing one client with a mask on into an exam room with their pet or we offer curb-side service if requested. We are continuing to maintain our social distance as best we can, bring pets into newly cleaned rooms and wash our hands between patients. We have scheduled time between appointments to ensure cleaning time between each pet. You'll see we're still wearing masks for now, even in the outdoor environment. 


4. Prescriptions can still be filled as usual, but for pick up we are utilizing a pick-up box just outside the front door. Please give us ample notice of any refills needed and let us know when you’ll be by to pick up meds so that we’ll have them ready for you. Payments can be made over the phone. We very much appreciate the business, and it allows you to skip the lines and the contact at human pharmacies.  


5. Because of the continued possibilities of COVID quarantines and increased caution with any illness, we may be short-handed at times. Bear with us, as we appreciate your cooperation, flexibility and patience through these unprecedented times.  At this time call volumes are high,  if you reach our voicemail please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we have a staff member available.


We are so lucky to have the honor of working with you every day and caring for your beloved family members. Thank you for entrusting us with their care. 


In love and health, 

The staff at Tahoe Holistic Veterinary Care


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